Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Thing I Guess I Do

Consistency is a thing that first of all makes me think of ketchup and then makes me think of catsup. But more about me… 

As a figure who 1) has been labeled “most laidback and sarcastic” by her cosmetology school cohorts, 2) has annihilated human relationships with unbridled anxiety, 3) had like 7 adult careers by the age of 28 and 4) identifies unmistakably clear correlations between the aforementioned achievements, I don’t claim to be the most constant of characters. 

However, I do have a few consistent characteristics: 
  • I sometimes permit series that lack parallelism, as demonstrated in the above numbered list, due to error allowance for the greater good. 
  • My skin is that of a pink baby piglet and only gets more pink and piglet-y with age/spice/drink. 
  • I spontaneously purchase plane tickets when I’m un- or in-tentionally unemployed—and come to think of it, I've purchased plane tickets in order to become unemployed. 
Due to light workload and, perhaps, my forthrightness about a desire for more work, my position was recently gently eliminated. The gentleness of the elimination was further soothed by a generous severance. 

So there I was with an inbox full of Airbnb requests and airline promos and a schedule fraught with possibility. I ended up with a ticket to Baltimore/Washington, D.C. and from there to Reykjavik—on top of a pre-existing ticket to San Francisco to visit my very tall little sister.

Coming your way are a few posts on how I managed to save a few bucks here and there visiting what is considered a more costly European destination, a few tips on driving in Iceland and an overview of what I did that you might also like to do.

But skipping ahead ahead...I'm searching for a few projects to work on for Hobo Siren and so far I have:

I don't know. What do you want from me?


  1. Personally for me I like when blaaght and you blooooghrft and you blaaaaahggt about whatever. It's all entertainment for me! Consistentshe comsistantsha it's all the same . You are consistent, consistently funny! Just shake it up a bit!

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