Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Truism or True-ism?

Adage. Maxim. Aphorism. Cliche. Axiom. Dictum. Proverb. Truism. Saying. Apothegm. Chestnut. Platitude. Banality. Byword. 

For the record: I thought of at least 10 of those without the help of a thesaurus.

I have an unexplainable weakness for three things:
  1. Pretty bowlegged girls 
  2. Unexpected animal companionships 
  3. Botched aphorisms
    • Think: 
      • A picture is worth a thousand birds.
      • An apple a day doesn't fall far from the tree.
      • Don't mess with taxes.
My mom is Mom to me, but to you she is either Tawana (Rue Littleton-Grimes—aka “T. Rue”—aka “True Littleton-Grimes”) or “True”. She is both a bold and an adventurous employer of maxims and dictums—in addition to being the type of credibly convincing personage who persuaded me to believe something like “all the vitamins” are “in the crust” of the bread.

Yes, later in life I did a little baking and a medium amount of math and definitively discerned that crust is just the KIND-OF BURNT part of the bread. I know that. But what I don't really which of my mother's adages are real, official adages—and which are her own imaginative inventions. 

So I'm passing the torch to you, readers: Help me discern what is a real, actual aphorism and what is actually just my mother's fanciful take on a fictional platitude. 


1. Don't get your panties in a wad.

2. ...eating us out of house and home...

3. Don't drink your bathwater.

4. You tricky dickies; you tricked me.

5. You look like a Woolfenbooger!

6. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.

7. ...blow hot air up your dress...



  1. This is real cute. Who doesn't love True?

    Ok, that being said, what the heck is a Woolfenbooger?!


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