Thursday, October 30, 2014

Office Creep

Today is a full day in the office. There happens to be a dog costume contest, so there are at least 10 dogs in the office. There was also a chili cook-off contest, in addition to some pretty extensive construction happening about 15 feet from my office door.

As you might imagine, I'm not exactly deeply engrossed in my work. But the surprising part is, as delightful as the three costumed dachshunds that just inspected my office may have been, what really pulled me in was this 10-minute spectacle of a construction worker calmly untangling about 30 feet of elaborately tangled cables and wires.

I was entranced.

Then it occurred to me what a creep I was being. So I captured a bit of my voyeurism on film.

Office Construction from Summer Grimes on Vimeo.


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