Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Links for Lazy Writers Like Me: The Frequency Illusion of Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses

I've had New York on the mind. This essay is about what to do if you're falling out of love with New York, but I'd like you to read it and apply it to your city. Because that's what I did, while sitting at my window overlooking East Lake Street.

73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker: more New York musings. All my friends were social-mediahhhhhing over her home, but all I could do was fret over how seamlessly and succinctly she can decide on a response to each of the 73 questions. But this is from someone who needs to qualify and justify her decision to, you know, leave her house.

I'm amazed that as a 31 year old I am still capable of constantly forming so many brand-new bad habits. I like this non-preachy flowchart about changing a habit.

You're thinking of buying a Honda Fit—all of the sudden they're everywhere. You learn a new word, then hear it five times that week. I can never remember the name of that phenomenon, so here is a link to it to help me: Baader-Meinhof.


  1. I learn SO MUCH when I read your blog. I was amazed by Sarah's speed also. Being the proud owner of a Honda Fit, I'm glad you noticed. Honda has yet to need to advertise for the model, thus they are a secret that only those who research "inexpensive, super reliable, fuel efficient cars" know about. (And buy before they hit the lot. Leave it to Larry to figure that out!) Ha ha on the mattresses.


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