Monday, April 28, 2014

Crushing News in Gift Form

Not to be confused with crushing news in gif form:

I got crushing news last week when I learned I wasn't the originator of the art/science of combining existing words to form a new word. I guess a clue should've been that the word neologism existed.

This news came in exciting packaging, however—in the form of a gift from one of my favorite readers in the whole world, R—.

The best part of this is that R— was completely unaware of my sister-given nickname, SNiG (Summer Nicole Grimes).

Here are a few highlights from the book:

Accordionated [ah kor' de on ay tid] (adj) – being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time

Brattled [brat' uld] (adj) – The unsettling feeling, at a stoplight, that the busload of kids that just pulled up beside you is making fun of you

Superfluholes [sup ur flew' holz] (n) – The phony holes on speaker covers, put there to match the ones that actually surround the speaker

And here are a few that I'm afraid Rich Hall and friends kind of got wrong:

Boslum [bahz' lum] (n)

Hall and friends definition – the small metal ring on a ballpoint pen that separate the top half from the bottom half

Correct definition – authority as dictated by having the most protruding chest region

Hozone [ho' zohn] (n)

Hall and friends definition – the place where one sock in every laundry load disappears to

Correct definition – well, let's not be crass, but it has nothing to do with socks...

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Thanks for the gift, R–!!!


  1. Roxie said...

    Your welcome, Snig! ☺

  2. I still think of you every full moon


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