Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beyond Shoulder Pads and Stilettos

I think you're all aware of this, but in case you're not, I'm kind of a business lady.

Mari Ahokoivu

What I mean is sometimes I really miss digging holes.

Versus these kinds of holes. I still get to dig plenty of those kinds of holes. 

I decided it was time that I throw together a portfolio site. Just a simple site to offer a response to those who are curious about what I do 36–40 hours a week. It's really gripping stuff, mostly. 

So my research tells me that people can connect better to a brand when they see images, particularly of people. So what is the Summer Grimes brand? What image would portray it? I. don't. know. 

But what I do know is that I do not have in my possession an appropriate portrait to post as a professional headshot. I had this one on my Linkedin, but frankly I currently am five years older and quite a bit more than five pounds heavier than when that shot was taken.

Here are a few options I had to wade through to finally find something acceptable:

Digitally enhanced Dolly Parton computer face.

Very serious networking.

New apartment blues.
New apartment frog blues.
My family's gonna have a real problem with this one/chest-rash.
The frumpy murderer .

I finally found a shot I could crop the excess (Kady) out of and use. Here is my quickly-thrown-together-but-not-awful-for-a-writer/non-designer “portfolio” site.


  1. Roxie said..

    I've missed you Summer! Excellent choice on your web picture, you look beautiful.
    Your "New Apartment Blues" headshot made me laugh out loud..if you meet someone on-line and they ask for a picture of you, it would be a real deal maker if you sent them that one.

  2. Tried to 'like' your web picture, but it didn't know me and I couldn't figure out how to accomplish that. Anyway LIKE.


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