Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Highlights

2013 was a year. I did a lot of things, practically weekly! Some people called it “twenty thirteen” but I always opted for “two thousand thirteen.” No big deal.

Probably the biggest news is I started buying celery again recently. I still think it sort of tastes like a stranger's sweaty hand, but for whatever reason, in my old age, the texture wins out over the flavor, and I find it to be a completely acceptable crunchy snack.

What about all of you? Is your 2013 over?


  1. Celery! I knew it! Next thing you know you'll be putting it in your eggs. And your salads. Just like a Hexum.

  2. Did Kady forget to add "Got my friend eating celery" to her year-in-review? That would have been the ultimate one-up. Cause it's obvious it was a competition.


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