Monday, November 18, 2013

Mom Blog Monday: We Can Pickle That!

I ended up with an abundance of kohlrabi, which you usually find in the store or at the farmers market looking like this:

I roasted it once, after cutting it like French fries and sprinkling it with garlic salt and olive oil, but I tried pickling them (my first pickling experiment) and they're a winner, I'd say—if I were the type of person who said things like, “they're a winner!”

This recipe will follow my usual format for sharing recipes, which is, “Listen, guys: I have no idea how much of anything I used, okay? This is just my best guess. Please, I am a busy woman. I'm doing the best I can.”

Here it goes:


2 small bulbs (bulbs?) of kohlrabi
chunk of fresh ginger (maybe 1–2 Tb worth if sliced thinly)
2–3 individual cloves fresh garlic
1 hot jalapeƱo or 2 mild
~1 Tb. fresh or dried dill
~1 Tb. whole coriander seeds
4–6 oz. apple cider vinegar
3 Tb. sugar
dash of sea salt
1 large mixing bowl for both mixing and storing—I believe my bowl in the photo above is about a quart, I'd say...


1. Slice all your stuff. This is how I did mine: french-fry style for the kohlrabi; thin like a nickel for the ginger; thin like a dime for the garlic; a little more chunky for the jalapeƱos. 

(But this is your opportunity to really make this pickle recipe your own! Just slice the stuff the way you prefer it to be shaped when you put it in your mouth, okay?)

2. Mix the apple cider vinegar, sugar and some water in the bowl until the sugar and water dissolve. 

3. Add some water and the dill.

4. Very lightly crush the coriander (I use a mortar and pestle; you can also keep the coriander whole); add it

5. Add the sliced/chopped/minced vegetables to the mixture; cover all ingredients with water. 

6. Stir stir stir. You can taste your mixture at this point to see if you might want to add more vinegar or more water. Vinegar will make the mixture taste more like vinegar and water will give it a milder flavor.

7. Cover with plastic wrap and store in your fridge.

You can consume these crunchy little guys at any time—from an hour later until a week or more later. I mean, I really don't know how long they'd keep. I'm not a pickling expert. 



  1. Final product photo denied!

  2. I am so excited to try this recipe! (and by "try this recipe" I mean skim it now and try to remember approximately what the major flavors were and see what I have in my cupboard that will be a good enough substitute).


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