Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Links for Lazy Writers Like Me: A Whole Bunch of Stuff about Ladies

These links are accidentally all about news about ladies and stuff:

Well, I got some pretty great TV news recently:

I am seeing Maria Bamford tonight! Never heard of her? You're gonna wanna watch every single episode of her web series, Ask My Mom. That's a decent enough starting point.

A lot of stuff about the music industry and women lately and stuff, yeah? I remember back in the day trying to understand what the big deal about the Fiona Apple "Criminal" video was. I'm not 17 any longer, so I now get it. I'm not very familiar with Charlotte Church, but her recent speech is worth a quick read. 

I can't seem to figure out if my Jennifer Lawrence obsession is cool or weird. Like, if I'm a creep or just a completely respectable admirer of her aplomb. I think it was a mistake to start following this tumblr (Jennifer Lawrence Daily? More like, Jennifer Lawrence every ten minutes...) but I can't yet bring myself to unfollow. That being said, the HAIR! Still trying to wrap my mind around the Paris premier dress. I mean, still trying to wrap my mind around gravity and stuff, ya know?

Oh, here's one that's about babies and puppies!!!!

Have a great week, world!

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