Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Links for Lazy Writers Like Me

The self-portrait is a delicate art. There is too much selfie in the world. But for some, there isn't enough. When you are 65, you are not going to be embarrassed of all the photos of yourself at 22. You're just not. But meanwhile, gross. Also, there's this.

Chili selfie, for  posterity's sake.

Here's a video about a best friends and their crazy invention. Wait, I think I sort of invented the best friends part. Also, how's it end? (My player was acting up...)

I was having a bad day, and these got me partially through it.

These got me practically the rest of the way.

I do a lot of daydreaming about living a life that takes place in a home like this. 

A while back I wanted to start a Hobo Siren "What I Wore" series but it would be the things I wore all day when I was cleaning my toilet or writing from home—and then maybe would accidentally venture outdoors in. Think: thisThis is a better, illustrated version of that—and one of my new favorite tumblrs.


  1. Wow, you're imaginary apartment is so big!


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