Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Links for Lazy Writers Like Me

Decadent girlie video of the week—a young woman of Asian descent turns herself into Jennifer Lawrence with the help of only makeup:

I like my neighborhood and I love eating challenges. So this is right up my alley.

Blogger, Kerry, has been doing a series of interviews with creative women. Check out the most recent with Anne T. Donhue—my new hero who reveals a real actual human being's morning routine.

Never have I accomplished anything as great as this on an airplane.

I decided to google "best thing on the internet right now" and found this in position #1. Don't give up after the first two frames.

I'm thinking if this dog can lose 50 pounds...I should be able to lose, like, 6 at least.

If I had to sum up my fantasy life...wait, let me do a do-over...if I had to define, by tumblr, the life I stare out the window and dream of, it would possibly be this.

Speaking of do-overs, here's a Hobo Siren story you may have missed.

Is this enough links to justify posting?


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