Monday, August 26, 2013

Everyday Adventure Blah-g

It's probably no mystery to you that I've had a bit of trouble offering you fresh Hobo Siren content. After all, one of you even had this to say:

I'll admit I was a little surprised to discover the comment wasn't from my mom. Still working on that mystery...

I keep thinking that I just got home from my last "big trip" a few months ago, but I stepped off the plane a couple days before February 1, and this is the tail end of August. Everyday life is quieter here. The most exotic scenery I've witnessed was the inside of a cave in Wisconsin, and the only camel I've interacted with was this weird squatty statue in the window of Elsa's House of Sleep across the street. 

But I guess all I really need is affirmation that you also like reading about my everyday adventures. You know, really gripping stuff about buying a hat and choosing a profile pic on my credit-card website

Last week I received this amazing email from one of my favorite readers in the world:

"I read your blog today about the hat buying. When I came to photo number 3, I froze. I thought to myself, could I already know what your future child will look like? I frantically searched for the photo I knew I had seen. YES! I found your daughter. When you give birth to her, she already has a name of Leila...however, I believe Sailor would be a good choice.

Love, R—"

What do you think?


  1. I say job well done R...! Spot on match.

  2. Awesome. What will you choose for her middle name?

  3. One of your favorite readers in the world says...

    I love it when you interact with those that comment on your blog. Some of us start our day in this order: Put dogs out, pour cereal, put dogs in, eat cereal while reading emails, slurp up milk while clicking on favorites: and, get sad if old blog, cheer up if a new blog, read blog and sometimes chuckle out loud, now ready to face the day. The End.

    Do you see how your blog has the ability to start a day off good or bad? Today mine started off good with a smile. Now I would say those are important blogs to some of us peons of the world.
    (I just read my comment and I'm thinking I may need therapy or maybe just a life.) Love, R-

  4. R needs to sign up for Bloglovin'
    Affirmations given!


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