Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Win My Heart: Minnesota Nice with a Miami Edge

Welcome to a new Hobo Siren feature. For each of these features, I will be running a Google image search for "Random man." The first image of a man to appear in each weekly search will appear here, and I will not deviate from this formula. Not even for comedic purposes. He deserves it. As regards the content, I will not reveal my sources, so just get used to that.

About a Man:

Witty, laid back, playful, gregarious, smart, and adventurous...Minnesota nice with a Miami edge.

I like yoga, traveling, song writing, going to parks, playing games, the arts and occasionaly going to a club.

Also... horses, museums, movies, holding hands, trying new things, friendship, family, swimming, taste tests, whatever.

I love Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, Vincent Van Gogh, and Voltaire.

Had my own lawn service company.

Used to run parking lots for a guy in Miami...hilarious! that it's over.

Managed the second busiest Johnny Rockets in the country.

Ran my own courier company for modeling agencies.

Helped raise kids and I've been a teacher.

I've enjoyed having pets in the past...even ferrets.

Sure, I thought about bolding my favorite parts, but is that really necessary?

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  1. Successful search. Definitely Minnesota nice with a Miami edge.


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