Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Justin Time for Holland in the Summer...Have You Ben?

Did you know about my sister? 

I tend to not write about hyper-personal things in my life besides my strong opinions on television or  my present state of homelessness or this weirdo who just feeds off of it:

No, but I have, like, a real sister. Like I was at the hospital when she was born, and her feet were as big as mine when she was an infant (I was four when she was born but she's like six feet tall or something). 

I mean I haven't even had a chance to mention the fact that the last 10 days of my recent trip were spent in civilization with a civilized lady: my sister, Holland Katlin Grimes of Palo Alto or Mountain View or whatever, California. She is a fancy nurse lady at Stanford Hospital. As in THE Stanford University.

Not only is she a life-saving NURSE. But she is a MODEL:

This hangs on the walls of Stanford Hospital, people!

By the way—her name is Holland, and we went to Holland together. Which is a great prompt for this amazing and educational video:

So all of this being said...

I think what I'm trying to say is:

No, not really. What I'm trying to say is, first of all I know I have a bunch of closet California readers thanks to her and it's time you all spoke up...
But mostly wouldn't it be nice if we took the next couple of Wednesdays and devoted it to talking about sisters?

Do you have a sister-story you'd like to share? Share it here!
Have you read a funny sister-story on the Internet recently? Share it here!
Do you have a funny story about my tall, beautiful and successful sister? Share it here!

You know where the comment box is, but feel free to email me with questions or requests. This is your opportunity to share your story with both of my readers! (All right, somewhere between 75 and 1500  a day depending on google's mood and some other variables...)

While I'm at it, here is my sister and me in Paris all glowing in pink lighting—the kind that is like, four years? More like three point seven years! Whether or not it looks like I'm plotting a murder is besides the point.

While we're at it...wouldn't you love for an experienced and attractive nurse of this caliber to share her health etc. expertise with you on perhaps a weekly or bi-monthly basis???


  1. It would bring me great joy (and blog fodder) if your sister nurse shared her health expertise on a regular basis, if only to feed my hypochondria.

  2. Oh, Summer, I loved the Holland tutorial. I had no idea!?! And I love your sister. My sister and I are very different. But not in an interesting way.

  3. Summer my sister:
    has been my big sister,best friend, my room mate in st.paul & vermont. my road trip partner for the east coast adventure of our lives, my empathetic and patient ear, my french translater, my reality check & someone i admire. I love the idea of dedicating some post to awesome sisters.

  4. Not sure how I missed this particular blog, but I loved it!!


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