Thursday, March 28, 2013

How I Bruised My Sternum

Kady and I took a barre class last Sunday, and for some reason that wasn't enough and I was thinking I really needed some more cardio. So we got home and put on some music and the next thing you know we're watching this Robyn video.

Obviously, we had to attempt the back-somersault move at 1:26.

Obviously we succeeded. Because of our obvious physical fitness.

We were at a friend's home later and obviously Kady and I demonstrated our new Robyn back-somersaults.

I woke up pretty sore the next day. Then this conversation happened:

Me: "Man I'm really sore from all those Robyn back-somersaults."

Kady: "Oh yeah?"

Me: "Yeah and I think I bruised my sternum. What's up with that?"

Kady: "My sternum hurts too, like it's bruised. Maybe it's from when we chest-bumped after we did our somersault push-up tricks for B."

Me: "Yeah... when we chest-bumped... after doing our floor trick..."

Because we are grown-up women with professional careers who make arugula salads and furnish guests with cheese trays.

We paused over this as we made eye contact.

Kady: "Hahahaha as if our sternums would ever touch!!!"

You know, because of Kady's disproportionate top-heaviness situation .


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