Monday, February 11, 2013

Letting It All Sink In

Well I've been back in the United States since Sunday, January 27. I hardly had a chance to register that I didn't have to speak in over-simplified and -anunciated English before going back to work where I, ya know, do English for a living. My jetlag was so severe, each step felt like wading through mud, and voices were mere echos that made my eyelids turn to lead.

You see, this was jetlag upon jetlag: I was barely in Western Europe long enough to deal with the jetlag I suffered from a five-hour timechange before adding another seven hours to that. But now that I've been back for two official weeks, I don't think I can blame everything on jetlag anymore.

On that note, I realized today how strange it is that these words are so similar:

  • careless
  • carless
  • carefree
  • car-free

Yet so different.

So basically I'm homeless and my car broke down the week I left on my trip, which I tried not to stress over too much while I was away and also my hair is falling out and I might have parasites. But enough about me. What do YOU want to know about me?

No really: I have a lot of stories to write but I want to know what you want to know. What would you like to hear about the countries I visited or the experiences I had?

What do you want to read about?


Not like anything interesting happened in the last 110 days or anything.


  1. Honestly, everything! Because you are my 30 Rock -withdrawal!

  2. If we have to choose, your experiences. Especially the story behind the pee-soaked couch and details about your parasites! :D

  3. The bra one first! THE BRA ONE!!!

  4. I'm just so happy you posted finally...
    Make sure you make me look good in whichever story you choose. Good and funny and smart.

  5. I want to hear everything. The guy with the tattoo is pretty creepy. Hair falling out? Parasites? OH NO! And only the truth about Kady.

  6. I want to read about the time you punched that man.

  7. Roxie said..

    I also want to read about what made you punch a man.


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