Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hybrid Neologism of the Week

So here's the deal: I just spent 15 minutes trying really, really hard trying to combine "carnation" and "appreciation" to make a word that meant being genuinely grateful for a gift that you really don't actually even like or want.

Can you help?

However, for the no way do carnations offend me. 


  1. Carneciation - the act of integrating carnies into the world of the normal.

  2. Carppreciation? Although someone may send you a 'carp'. Apprecination? Tough one.

  3. Ambivitude.

    We made up our own rules. You're welcome.

  4. The problem is that if you go with the first part of "carnation" you get stuck with something that seems to indicate carnal and/or carnival appreciation. That could QUICKLY get awkward. And if you go with the second part of "carnation", you head into nationalistic territory. So lose-lose, really. Perhaps you should go with a different flower?


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