Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Girls Gone Mild

I have two things to show for my three months away; one of them is this video.

I know seven and a half minutes is quite a commitment, but if you like this blog then you'll love it in video format.


Bad Girls from Summer Grimes on Vimeo.


  1. This made my late-night paper writing so, so much better. Well done, sir!

  2. my chain hits my chest when i'm bangin on the dashboard

  3. I left a comment yesterday on your video but it added my last name so I removed it!
    This is HILARIOUS!!! I love it!!! I thought the trip sucked with the creepy, staring guys on the bus then the barfing and having to bury the barf........

  4. What a trip! All those elephants! Your dance routines! This video raises many questions, but I'm going to ask just one dumb one: what was that lady doing to Kady's eyebrow?

    1. They call it threading, Kerry. They basically wind up thread and pull/rip hair out with it. Actually they can do any facial hair, but most people just get their eyebrows done.

  5. Roxie said...


  6. Oh. That's what I thought, but it's still a little weird.

    The video reminded me of the girl on youtube who does viral videos of "dance like nobody's watching:"

    People mostly ignored you! (Talked on the phone, smiled indulgently...)

    I wonder what the other thing is that you have to show.

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