Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Retweet Tuesday: @NekoCase

Twitter was a big part of my 2012, and I sure know my personal account @HoboSiren was a majorly influential part of the lives of all 16 of my devoted twitter followers. So in the interest of finding more ways to cheat at blogging, since blogging is almost as hard as saying the gross, gross word "blog," I will be featuring some of my favorite twitter-jokes and -accounts. I do this for you!

This week's tweet-out is brought to you by one of my favorite musicians. She likes to post about four of my favorite things:

  • Music
  • Dogs
  • Vermont
  • And stuff like this:

@NekoCase: Vermont and mandals go together like me and dying alone.


It's hard to imagine a world without jaded redheads, right?



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