Saturday, December 15, 2012

Loyal Pet

One of my Turkish hosts was sitting in the kitchen a few months back when in flew this tiny yellow parakeet.

A basket was found for the bird and a little bed was constructed from papers and tissue. One afternoon, my host rushed home remembering that the living room balcony door was wide open a mere ten feet from the new little pet. But the parakeet was calmly resting in its new adopted home, which is how it earned its name, Sadık--Turkish for loyal.



  1. Wow, do you think it was someone else's pet? You have a way with birds, don't you...

  2. I love this sappy silly little story. And the bird's new name is adorable.

  3. Sadik was fortunate that your paths crossed. It must have picked up that you have been a bird lover for many years.


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