Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Mystery of the Red Cabbage

Sometimes before things get awesome they have to get kind of really bad. I've alluded to a stressful (very busy and very sleepless) week or two before leaving for the "trip." the night I ate a can of anchovies and a handful of raisins for dinner...

But I think this is when I really knew things were out of hand:

I was cleaning out my purse and I came across this red cabbage. I'm not quite sure how the red cabbage got into my purse, but I'm going to guess it went something like this:

• wake up after three hours of sleep
• stumble into kitchen
• open fridge door looking for lunch to bring to work
• spy this red cabbage
• think something dumb like, "I'll eat this red cabbage for lunch."
• put it in my purse
• eat normal food for the next couple days and never open purse

Still, I don't think the red cabbage incident is as bad as the time I was in college— sitting in a coffee shop during finals week, practically hallucinating— and I saw a 1996 VW Jetta drive by—the same make and model as the one I drove at the time. And I thought to myself, hopefully inaudibly, "Is that my car?" But spying the driver, I was reassured as I acknowledged, "No, that's not me driving."


  1. I have also been reassured that it's not me driving!
    And this cabbage story pretty much made up for my week that sounds similar. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. How big is your purse???

    1. Honestly, Chris, not big enough, which shows you just how off my rocker I was that week...

  3. I once found a glass Pyrex container filled with rotten mushrooms. Ew!

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