Friday, November 16, 2012

Patience, Patients

It's been tricky to blog from a mobile platform (smartphone and tablet vs. my normal laptop), and wifi can be spotty. In fact, our strongest signals seem to have 45-minute expiration dates.

In addition to these challenges, Kady and I have been on the move frequently. In fact we have spent the night in a different city for ten nights in a row, and that gets pretty exhausting.

But there's good stuff happening here--I promise.

We are going to commit the ultimate luxury and stay put in Unawatuna (I could not invent a better or weirder name for a town), Sri Lanka for three whole nights.

In a row!

So stay tuned for a few stories like these:
  • How we ended up spending the night in a convent.
  • "America!? Big muscles!"
  • How Gang-ham Style and Barack Obama are apparently uniting the world...
  • Antagonizing antagonistic locals.
  • The deliciousness of getting your way and/or winning.
  • The very loyal parakeet.
  • How easy it is to be happy.
Until then, here is a ridiculous picture of an incredible place.

Istanbul, Turkey


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