Monday, September 17, 2012

Mom Blog Monday: Puffy Paw

A few weeks ago I took Edie to the vet for routine vaccinations and a check-up. After her blood draw, the vet techs placed this blue grippy tape around her ankle for pressure and to stop the bleeding.

How cute is that, right?

The truth is the tape only needed to be on there maybe 20 minutes, but I just couldn't bring myself to take it off—it was too cute.

So I kept it on until the next day to show off the cuteness at the office. That's when I realized her tiny little paw had inflated to twice its size. I took the blue tape off but it took a couple hours for her puffy paw to deflate back to its normal size.

And of course I once again did not take a photo because the evidence would make me feel a little too guilty. So here's a photo of a cute squirrel with a swollen paw:


  1. Eddie gets to go to work with you?!? That's so cool.


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