Thursday, August 9, 2012

How To Accidentally Go on Vacation

Oops. I'm going out of town. Here is the series of events:

  • Knew I was about to submit my last paper for school ever 
  • Yearned to commemorate with a trip 
  • Thought it was too short notice and indulgent 
  • Was commiserating with Kady about missing New Orleans 
  • Checked flights to New Orleans… not seriously or anything 
  • Found cheap, cheap tickets dressed up in the genius, marketing-ploy of “Act fast! Only 3 tickets left at this price!!!"
  • Acted fast: Texted L; She said yes; Bought 3 tickets 
  • Head spun 

Still spinning...

Can't wait. I've missed it so.

For obvious reasons.


  1. Oh My Good Lord. I have to go pee and now what am I going to do?

  2. ACK! What the crap is that thing?! Your face is priceless in that last photo.

  3. It's a cockroach. A real meaty one.

  4. Or, as Jacqui affectionately calls it, a "water bug"

  5. It's a southern thing. They are usually in the bathroom looking for water.


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