Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Do I Get Scott Seekins to Recognize Me?

Believe it or not I possess a contradictory trait: I like to be left alone for the most part—like when in line at the grocery store or riding public transportation. But I get a little insulted when someone I see on a regular basis doesn't recognize me. 

And that's why I've got a real problem with Scott Seekins. For those of you who don't live in the Twin Cities—Seekins is two things: 
1) A Minneapolis-based artist
2) Incredibly recognizable

Q: How recognizable? 
A: Scott-Seekins-theme-party recognizable.

He dresses in two uniforms:

Black for winter.

White for summer.

The guy gets around. If there is an art event, he will most definitely be there if there is free food and drink. I cringe at saying this but the man is iconic. One day I saw him three times and I have to admit that it infuriated me that he obviously did not recognize me. Seriously: we walked past one another at the grocery store and then a half hour later we were at the same restaurant and then a few hours later we walked past one another on the street. And there was never any sort of acknowledgment of recognition. Like hey there's that girl with the giant red hair. Okay; I'm a narcissist, yes. Duh.  But it's the truth—it drove me crazy. I can't help it.

My favorite Scott Seekins story is when Seekins found himself sitting next to my younger brother on the bus.

Seekins—as discretely as humanly possible—stole a steely, clandestine glance in my brother's direction. Apparently the only way to get his attention is to look like a younger, better-looking him.

I'll get you one of these days, Scott Seekins. I'll walk past you on the sidewalk or stare into your eyes across the free cheese tray at Frank Stone Gallery and it'll be there...

a glimmer of recognition. 


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