Monday, July 16, 2012

Mom Blog Monday: A Traumatic Event

Well, this past week marked a rather traumatic event for our household. I found a tick on Edie Tuesday morning. Now granted we had just come from spending a week up north and this included time in wooded areas, but this tick was not there when we returned home.

I found it on her at work. Having learned that ticks are best removed with tweezers, I sought out a pair. But imagine this: no one in the office had tweezers. It's really absurd to think about. I mean, any one of our dogs could get a tick at any time and to think that we wouldn't have any tweezers on call to take care of this tragedy is pretty upsetting.

My makeshift attempts of replicating the use of tweezers succeeded at ending the tick's life (RIP) but failed to dislodge the bite-area. I was worthless at work fretting about and obsessing over this tick. The good news is Edie seemed oblivious to my maternal anxiety.

We promptly took care of business when we returned home, and I set about comforting her with affection and treats. I'm keeping a close watch on her to make sure there aren't any signs of tick-derived illnesses rearing their ugly heads.

So far so good.

What are your mom stories from the week? How are your little ones' bowels?


  1. I have one tick story. when my best friend moved away, I had to hang out with the white german shepherd that lived 2 houses down. I noticed a wood tick on him but being a kid, didn't have tweezers either. Two sticks just wouldn't work. That wood tick got soooo big. It was nasty. I don't know about his bowels.

  2. I hate ticks, but our dogs do get them here where we live. I use the "twist" method of removal, earning myself "the tick whisperer" as a nickname (seriously, John has called me this). I usually just use my finger and rotate the tick, like a circular mini-massage, until they back out. Or you can just grab the tick's body and twist it. I know, grrrross.

    But now you know that ticks can be unscrewed. This information is indelible & so you will never ever be able to forget it.

    1. Where were you when I needed you? And, yes, GROSS!

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