Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kady-isms, Volume 17

"I've never had a therapist ask me to lie down. I have... had a therapist fall asleep on me."

"If it's at nine o'clock then, yeah. I mean I'd love to go home and put on a pair of slacks and go out."

"I would love to marry a Norwegian. I'd move to Norway and have a bunch o' babies for Norway."

"Mooning would be so much more fun if we didn't have anuses."


  1. For the record, that therapist fell asleep while I was talking. Not "on me".

    Also, it happened at every appointment. Made me feel kinda bad about myself.

  2. Kady, how many years did you go to this therapist?

  3. And 'Thank you' Summer!!

  4. Classic Apnea.

  5. It happened at least five times, on five different visits. And then I quit going.

    I figured I must be cured.


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