Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To Be a Fancy Lady

My co-worker and I walked to the Thai place near work last week and were inundated by what could only be described as National Ladies Who Lunch Day. These ladies looked terrific. Dresses and heels and blowouts...

I looked down at the t-shirt, jean and cardigan ensemble that has become my standard. It's easy to fall into wardrobe ruts. Surprisingly it didn't make me miss days when I was required to wear business formal for work. It made me miss my job where I wore this:

After work, I could come home, blow the dust out of my nose, put on a t-shirt and jeans that fit and feel like a fancy lady. 

Those were the good old days.

How often do you look around and wish you were wearing something different? Have you ever done anything about it?


  1. I have to be a "fancy lady" for work every day. The highlight of my day is changing into casual clothes. And by casual clothes, I mean pajamas.

  2. Well. Does sitting with a glass of wine and watching Project Runway re-runs count as doing something?

    1. That's about the fanciest thing I've ever heard of.


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