Monday, June 4, 2012

Web Time / Life Waster

In case you're wondering how I spent my Sunday night. I found a website that airbrushes your face. And other things.

The Edie Falco

The Dolly Parton.

The Elizabeth Olsen

The GaGa

The Gladys Knight

The Katy Perry

The Lisa Rinna

The Kristen Stewart mullet

The Rihanna

The Rose Byrn

The Whoopi


  1. I love you as Dolly and the heavy bangs. The one on facebook, (brunette with my style) is adorable too. PLEASE tell me the name of the site. I'd love to see if I can fix a picture so that I can look at it without gagging.

  2. Yeah, I want to know what the site is too. I like the Gaga the best, and you look totally natural in dreads.

  3. Please for the love of Sam Hill, what is the name of website?

  4. PS, my name is Marie Cranberry (alias on FB) and I lurve you and your bff "A Lady Reveals Nothing". I don't know how not to be anonymous on purpose. Dang it.

    1. Marie Cranberry... I will let you know the name of the site, but I might need something in turn Ms. Alias.


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