Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog Fodder

Yesterday, one of my bests asked me if I did something just so I could blog it. (The activity was paying a large percentage of my cash-only payment in nickels and dimes in order to punish the cash-only establishment for inconveniencing me.) No, I hadn't done that in order to blog about it because this blog is obviously only about extremely exciting things. Like singing karaoke, complaining about commercials and blowing up exercise balls. P.S., the friend was the same friend who ism'd one of my all-time favorites: "You're just trolling facebook for blog-fodder."

We met another friend at the cash-only establishment and he said, "So Summer I haven't seen many travel-the-world photos on [insert social media tool] lately. Does that mean you're settled down for a bit?"

How do you make life exciting (and by exciting, I mean blog-worthy) when you're working full time and you're exhausted? This isn't a how-to post. This is a... I'm asking you how to post. A lot of funny and amazing things happen when you're on the road. Frankly, things are much quieter when living what I tend to refer to as real life. Being the consummate introvert that I am, it would be all too easy to say no thank you to most things and just hole up inside my apartment with my wifi and pup. Recently when Kady was trying to recruit some friends to accompany her to something lame that she felt obligated to do, I complained, "I stopped doing things I didn't want to do when I was 25."

Well, no more. I am going to start saying yes when I want to say no. And no, Shash, not just so I can blog it, but rather because remember this post I wrote about living real life? Crap—real life is especially happening right now. 


  1. So that baggie of coins you presented to the cashier who then gave it right back to me for my change, even though I paid with a $20 like a normal person? Well it came in handy this week when I went to a Vietnamese restaurant that has a $10 minimum for credit card purchases. It kind of felt good giving them a million nickels and dimes. Is a card minimum even legal?? Anyways what I'm trying to say is that I'm not so mad at you anymore for paying in change the other day.

  2. I was JUST thinking something similar today!! I started my blog with the hype that I'd be blogging ALL ABOUT my exciting experiences in Afghanistan!! (Not really comprehending the fact that I wouldn't be there until October....) So now as I sit in class every day, go home every night, get up and go to class again, I'm really hoping for some exciting blog fodder to 'happen' my way. The Blue Angels flew in front of my hotel today....that's kind of military-y and exciting. Maybe I'll blog about that.

    I like your blogs, even if they're not "blog-worthy".... :)

  3. Then check out my blog...where I regularly talk about things I did two or three years ago and wish I was doing now. And the occasional post about the fantastic future where I am blogging to pay for surf lessons in Bali. I like your blog! And I don't think you should do things you don't want to do. But that might include things like working a steady job. #devilonyourshoulder

  4. Yeah, it is really hard to find the time to do embarrassing things that I can the self-deprecate myself for on my blog when all I do is work at my new serious adult job all the time. Lame.


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