Monday, May 21, 2012

As Seen on TV

I want to address the pressing question on everyone's mind after last week's post:
"No seriously, what's with the shape of that exercise ball?"

I have purchased three items as seen on TV:

How the HELP can you advertise that crap as "painless"? I remember smoothing the green goo over my leg and laying the cloth strip across it while thinking, I can't believe this isn't going to hurt! There is NO WAY to painlessly rip hair from its follicle. Lesson learned.

Bare Minerals
Pretty successful purchase... on my third refill (five years later? Hmmm. I should probably wear make-up more often).

Barry's BootCamp
This... is a mixed bag.


  • Everything takes place in one-minute increments, which I endorse wholeheartedly. This is the ADHD-exerciser's best friend. It alternates a more cardio-intense one-minute activity with a more weight-training-intense activity, i.e. one minute of jumping in a compass-pattern, 20 seconds of recovery and prep, and then one minute of resistance-band lunges.
  • You don't need much space
  • Resistance bands are kind of entertaining and a nice alternative to clunky dumbbells
  • Barry
  • Barry talking
  • Barry talking to the main lady
  • Barry's jokes
  • Music
  • I genuinely take issue with the two contradicting slogans: "Don't THINK. Just shrink" and "Work SMARTER, Not harder."
  • A lot of jumping moves will make you your enemy's neighbor
Overall, I got my moneys worth and I can't complain about the odd suppository-shaped ball; it maybe works better for some of these exercises than a completely round ball, especially the one the sports bra girl is demonstrating above.

Have you ever made an "as seen on TV" purchase? How did that turn our for you?


  1. Right now I have my laptop on my "TABLEMATE 1000". I do like it. I keeps me from having my laptop on the coffee table and digging my elbows into my thighs all evening while I surf the web. It has definite advantages over your basic tv tray. (I can show you next time you are over). And isn't the "nair" really "nads"?

  2. Roxie said...

    Speaking of Nair..I ordered a similar product called Laser..and a buffing pad. I smeared the liquid goop on, waited, wiped it off and it DID NOT do anything the commercial said it would. I was not happy at all and went to bed, kind of feeling a little burning. I woke up the next morning to many large scabs and painful, oozy, gross blotches. I had to go to the Dermatologist, get expensive prescription cream. I'd say that one didn't turn out so well for me.

  3. Mitch is the ASOTV (as seen on tv)KING. Did you know there are entire stores that sell only stuff As Seen On TV? He loves those. We have had many a snack/sandwich griller, a Magic Bullet, defroster plates (don't work), and lately I want to get that long hose that you can stick into your dryer and suck out all the lint. Mitch says I might as well just get a regular hose, but what fun is that?

  4. I have never actually ordered something from television. More specifically, I don't think I've ever ordered anything that required a phonecall to get it. That's kind of weird. However, once many years ago my mother informed me that she was "pretty sure" she had ordered a lawnmower from QVC after too many drinks. When it arrived, it was a rotary mower with no engine. We lived on an acre of very uneven property, so obviously that worked out swell.


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