Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Gripes: Terrible, Terrible Idea

I drove past a White Castle sign tonight (not pictured), which encouraged patrons to try the new "Clam Strips."

Eating White Castle is a terrible idea, long before the advent of clam strips.

This? Now this is just a very, very bad idea.


  1. They should cut to the chase and just write on the sign, "Catch of the day - Diarrhea!"

  2. Failure Sauce in a Sadness Bowl!

  3. Once upon a time I went through the White Castle drive thru and got Fish Niblets (Nibblers?) (Nibbles?) for a friend. The stench was so foul that I 1)completely flipped out on my friend 2)will not associate with anything White Castle related.

    Clams? Not okay!

  4. But doesn't a sack of sliders sound delicious?

  5. I kind of need to try these to make sure they are as gross as I think.

  6. Just be sure you (Kady) are near a bathroom the following day and specifically, not the one next to my kitchen.


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