Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Peas in a Podcast

It's finally here! Have you ever wondered about the origins of the magic that is Summer & Kady? Take a listen to our first episode and discover the wonders to come...

Stay tuned for next week as we discuss "The Meanwhile..."—saving and planning for a big trip: the balance between sacrifice and misery.


  1. I smiled the entire time I listened to this. It made me really miss you guys and pine for more Downton episodes so we can have another marathon.

  2. Roxie...

    I think that hearing your voices together will make those that personally know you, miss you. It did it for me and yet like Ashley, I smiled the entire time too. Looking forward to more podcasts...especially if you know how to put eyeliner on a dog! I would like to learn if I'm doing it right on myself first, and then on to my dogs. :)


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