Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Before 30

Last July, around the time I turned 29, I made a list that I haven't looked at since. Contradictory to its title, it contained 24 items. With a hesitant bemusement leaning towards bewilderment, I looked at the list tonight. It is labeled "Thirty Before Thirty." And things aren't looking good, folks.

First of all, I only had 24 items on a supposed 30-item-long list. I managed to add four realistic tasks and cross out two I've accomplished. I bolded six items that simply aren't going to happen. There's only one that I am disappointed in, which will carry over to next year's 30 while 30 list; I've lost interest in the other five for now.

When I turned 28, I cried. (An amazing friend took me to the zoo the day I turned 29; my despair was mollified by penguins and otters.) I recognized that 27 was the last age that sounded young. It was my last chance of not being taken seriously. Now everything is so serious. All the time.

Older people like to act offended when someone younger than them expresses discontent at the aging process. Well, guess what—you had your day. And my actual complaint is that time is going by so freaking fast. 

For nearly seven years, I have been saying, "I was just 23 five minutes ago!" and I plan on saying that for years to come. 

So I'm putting this out into the blogiverse which is dangerously close to blog-averse: How do you manage the passing of time? How do you slow down? How do you put it all in perspective? What's on your "list"? And is it wrong to add "Visit Detroit" to mine?


  1. i make sure i do crazy things on a whim!
    i just bought a skydiving pass!

    and i think Detroit is fine for your list!
    go visit slim shady's birth place!

    1. Well, I was thinking of adding it since I ended up spending a good three weeks there for work this week. If you put something on your to-do list after completing it just so you can cross it off, does it make a sound?

  2. You don't want to talk to me about this.

  3. Time goes faster and faster every year. I find it frightening.

    You're only 30?

    1. Sarah- whoa whoa whoa; I am 29. We don't round up past the age of 20.

  4. I turned 31 in January. If you get satisfactory answers to your questions let me know because I could use the help.

    Also, I can't sugarcoat this for you but just don't turn 31. Seriously. Don't do it. It's awful. Really, really awful.

    1. There is no way you are 31. You look like a fresh-faced 19-year-old!

  5. It's my big 3-0 year as well.
    I was more freaked out about turning 29 for very similar reasons... Last year of my twenties, meaning the last year in which I am actually NOT responsible for what I do seeing as I am still pretty much a child.
    In two short months I will be turning *bleep* and I'm not sure but I don't think I have a list of things I wanted to do before I was *bleep*
    I think I was more worried this New Years about the fact that I was 'supposed' to be a certain way this year. When I thought about it more closely I realized that I've been at this point in my life since I was 25. I have my mans and I have my job and I've lived in two foreign countries and (subsequently) speak two foreign languages... So.

    I was more worried about what I was supposed to feel like come my birthday this year. I now realize that I'm supposed to feel like I'm 25.

    Woot. Methinks you have another 5 years to complete your to dos. ;)

    Add whatever you want to your list. It's YOUR LIST.

  6. I suggest rounding up, especially to strangers. You'll look really good for your age! I've been 30 for several years, but won't actually hit it until this year (and I actually lost count -BONUS!). After that, I think I'll be 45. I act alternately between 85 and 12, so it sounds like a good average.


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