Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Lady Kady Contest Submissions

I received some incredible submissions for last week's Old Lady (who reveals nothing) Kady Contest. Viewer Adivsory: Content a little more graphic than usual Hobo Siren fare... I mean, this is not pretty, you guys.

This is an open comment-box poll.

Submission #1

She is still telling the "Q" story.

Submission #2

Submission #3

Submission #4

Submission #5

Apparently, everyone think Kady is going to have an amazing old lady body. (You guys have seen her body, right?)

So tell me: Who is the winner?


  1. I'm going with #3, but what is that on her leg??? And I don't even understand #5.

  2. DEFINITELY number 3. It looks like a big bruise on her leg. Probably from lifting a tailgate with guy standing on it.

  3. I LOVE number 1. And of course number 3. Do I get to vote?

  4. If this is an old lady Kady contest, then #3 is OUT. The Lady is not old, the PICTURE is old. #1, #2, or #5 are in the running. I think all three of those are funny. I don't even understand #4, which I think Chris may have meant (?). Kady doesn't automatically change into a whole new race when she gets old. This is serious business guys..we must choose the right one or the whole system will crumble. ~ S.

  5. You guys are all nutso. Even tho I submitted No. 1, I would have to vote for No. 2. This is SOOOO Kady. Forget No. 3, I know she spends a lot of time discussing bathroom stuff. But it is DEFINITELY No. 2....don't you guys notice the expensive patent leather bag and the all-inclusive bracelet? No. 2 is the one.

  6. Good day to you all, listen number 5 is the best..take a look at that womans body, it's to die for!!!!!
    Take Care

  7. Yah but...Number 5's arms are too long.

  8. Number 1 could be a family photo.

  9. I do not have arms that are too long!
    Signed, The Woman in Photo #5

  10. I don't feel comfortable voting for #2, because that is what #3 is probably doing. #5 looks like the Borg lady, from the Star Trek movie, was bred with an alien from Sigourney Weaver's movie.
    So I'm going with #1...even though that is what #3 could be doing also.

  11. Just a quick comment on #5...I did not know that silicone implants came in fleshy-tan-colored. Nor did I know that they can be appliqued instead of implanted.

  12. Roxie says:

    I would have voted for #5 because:
    1. I "may have" submitted it.
    2. As pointed out, she does have a long arm..that would be on account of Kady having that "stretch your arm operation" because she kept that blue stinger wet suit, the one where her one arm on the suit was way too long...thus the need for the operation.
    However, I am re-considering my vote, as I don't think Kady would wear just a triangle on her crotch, or I hope not. Therefore, my second option, I probably would have to vote for is #2..She would be the fashionable Kady and she has finally weeded out all the stuff in her life and now only owns what's in her purse, thus the reason she's clutching it so hard..I have to agree with Kady's mom on all her reasons for her voting for #2..and after all, A Mother would always know her own daughter.

  13. #2. I wanted to vote for #3, but as commented previously, she isn't OLD.

  14. #3 is old enough. Look closely. It is so impossible that I would age gracefully? (on the toilet?)

  15. Three, most definitely! Old lady Summer isn't that old, either. I think #3 is spot on!


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