Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Little Blog Love And Also a Contest Winner Announcement

In case you're not familiar, I'd like to to introduce you to Sarah Lindahl's blog:

For a couple of weeks, I was the top blog on her "Best Blogs Ever" list. And it wasn't in alphabetical order or anything. I've lost rank, but I know it's not because I'm no longer her favorite blog. I'm definitely her favorite blog. Wait, I'm not a blog; I'm a person.

Sarah just happens to have been "Forgetful" in last week's Ask Hobo Siren segment. I thought maybe it was a secret question, so I respected her anonymity (don't worry-- that's an unpronounceable word). But I don't think people like Sarah have secrets. Here is her hilarious response to my advice. 

So, she's funny no matter what, but the best part about this is the fact that she chose her own screen shots to represent me. Here are my favorites:

What a pal, right?

Oooh here's another winner!

Since it's not really my style to post a photograph of what this looks like, I will refer you to another amazing video.

So in the spirit of my weakness for people who sort of make fun of me or draw attention to my flaws, here is the winner to This recent contest:

"Look Nguyet, I finally get picture of big pink
American that I charge double for noodles"

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Watching your video in just thumbnails is hilarious!


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