Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sponsor-Love: Constance Arbor

Constance Arbor is a brand new Etsy shop featuring Minneapolis- based artist Kassandra Grimes. Kassie uses  mixed media, to include: canvas, leaves, wire, plaster, enamel and high gloss veneer, fabric, printed and patterned paper, screen, and embroidery to create these intricate pieces. Listen, I'm an appreciator, not an "art-writer," but I will say that despite their abstract nature, each is incredibly accessible and would enhance the aesthetic of any space.

I am particularly smitten with this one:

As well as this one:

(Do you wish this was yours? Too bad; it's mine!)

I really love her entire shop, but here is another sample, for good measure:

Constance Arbor also features smaller magnetized pieces! Perfect for your fridge or any metal surface. 

For the rest of January, enter coupon code JANHOBOSIREN to receive 20% off your entire order.

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