Friday, January 27, 2012

Out of Context Photo Friday Caption Contest

Hot on the tails of the wild success of last week's caption contest, it's that time again.

(P.S. secret fact: this is a "celebrity's" dog)

If you would please, along with your caption, offer me a suggestion or two of what you would like to win in parenthesis, keeping in mind that I am a) poor and b) busy. 



  1. "Perry was about to get totally shih tzu faced."

    1. I have decided that dog's name is Perry.
    2. This is the first thing that popped into my head and it sort of made me lose respect for myself. This is not the winner. But I could not stop myself.

  2. "Fluffy, I must take this now. And your car keys, please."

    1. Also not the winner. Megs is way funnier.
    2. I already received an awesome prize from you and Kady. It came yesterday! So exciting!

  3. Roxie said...

    "Can't a sleeping dog lie..those paparazzi are at it again..hide me."

    (P.S. What was last weeks winning caption?)

  4. "The cone goes around the dogs NECK."

    (I want to win your love and affection.)

  5. Sweet poochie, will you hold my urine sample for a sec?

    (if i win i want your chihuahua)

  6. Red solo cup, did I fill you up?

  7. The rest of this Long Island Ice Tea is for you!

    (how about a Long Island Ice Tea)


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