Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Musings on Nesting

Last night, Kady of ALRN stopped by to see the (still-bare) new place. I offered her my sole chair but she opted for the rug. I gestured towards different areas of the room we sat in and ruminated on its potential and what I might put there and what I might hang here...

"Wow you sound like you're going to be here forever!" Kady said.

A wave of panic leapt towards my throat but, unexpectedly, diminished almost instantly.

"I give it two months," I said.

Two months until my presently-sated wanderlust returns. But for now, I am sickeningly delighted to indulge in domestic fantasies like buying a label-maker and building a desk from reclaimed barn wood and vintage hairpin legs and filing my mail the instant I retrieve it from the box and sitting with my closest friends, all of us attractively-lit while drinking hot toddies, anticipating the duck I'm roasting. 

I don't foresee a lot of adventure on the horizon, readers. But bear with me, won't you? And look forward to learning:

  • How to Dine Alone
  • How to Save for a Plane Ticket
  • How to Navigate the Thrift Store
  • How to Save Money by Identifying Clever Marketing (More of a rant, than a how-to I suppose)
  • How to Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Perhaps I'll collect some good stories along the way. And for good measure, some participation please...

Do tell--
Where are you on the nesting/wanderlust spectrum at this moment? (1= I plan on wearing nothing but sweatpants and fleece-lined slippers for the next three months while getting into the Downton Abbey business everyone won't stop harping on about... 10= I already have my suitcase packed.)

I must leave you now. My slow cooker is calling...


  1. 8 = I just sold or threw away 40% of the contents of my 5' x 5' storage space.

  2. 7. I am traveling this year in some way (field school or independently). I'm already putting aside my packables and coming up with my back-up plan. But I have also newly discovered Pintrest... so... I have optimistic intents regarding the domestic areas.

  3. 1. like such a high level 1 right now that it burdened me to put on jeans and drive 5 miles to work today.

  4. 1- 87% of my paycheck goes to bills so I'm not going anywhere with out a solid year of saving first lol. I have heard great things about downton abbey tho......

  5. 1....I was just wondering what all these little twigs were on the seat of my pants. My pajama pants. My 5 pair of pajama pants.

  6. I am going to rearrange my whole bedroom. That always helps to appease my need for a change.


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