Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's an Old Lady Kady Contest!

A couple months back, Kady of ALRN received this message from a loyal reader:

I walk by this pic (attached) everyday at work at the San Diego airport.
I just realized today she could be an older version of Summer perhaps?

Brilliant. Truly Brilliant. I don't think we can top this, but I ask you to try. Can we, dear readers, come up with an "older version of Kady perhaps" photo? 

At present, she looks like this:

Although, one time she looked like this for like five minutes:

Post your submissions in the comment box or a link thereto or feel free to email me at


  1. oooooh, meow, hissssss.

  2. Roxie said..Love this idea...I sent Kady's future photo to your email..It needs to be put up side by side with her "waterfall" photo. :)

  3. You guys are not gonna regret this!


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