Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hybrid Neologism of the Week

Ugsausted (adj)- the state of being so thoroughly and extremely crippled with fatigue, ones physical appearance is completely inconsequential.

"Dude, you have nacho cheese all over your face."
"Man, I'm way too ugsausted to care."

"My pants were officially too ugsausted to do me or the world any favors and I was too ugsausted to care."


  1. Looks like you lost a ton of weight. What is keeping those jeans up???

  2. Were you too ugsausted to eat?

  3. I think it's eggsausted. Could McDonalds use this as an energy snack?

  4. No Chris- no weight-loss. These pants fit right out of the dryer, but get bigger and bigger as the day goes on...


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