Monday, January 30, 2012

Ask Hobo Siren: Forgetful

This week's question required a physical demonstration. Here, for your viewing pleasure: Me doing technology...

(I sure was hoping the thumbnail would freeze on an awesome face like this)


  1. Brilliant! My I also suggest just calling her "Wet Head" to her face and shaming her into earning back a normal name? :D

  2. britnie brewingtonJanuary 30, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    This video edition of hobo siren is great! I love the part about the lighting and the back round.

  3. Haha!!! I love it!! All that for "Can't u just ask somebody who knows what her name is, what her name is?"

  4. Roxie said...

    I laughed out loud watching this the first time, and then a few hours later, I watched again and laughed even more..please have all of your Ask Hobo Siren's in VIDEO format..THIS may be your special purpose. I can see you however wearing smart glasses that you take off and ever so lightly touch the corner of your mouth with the arm, as you're thinking..also perhaps a cup of hot tea, or that drink you invented..St. Summer's something and a couple of times during the video you take a drink and then say, exCUUUUse me, I needed to take a drink and then proceed with your wisdom. Also, your Invisalign, the lisping makes you sound ever so sexy.

  5. There are so many fantastic things about this. First of all, the seductive beginning that ends with "You're watching a video." You totally nailed the fact that I never bothered to learn her name. Who knew I would see her every week for five years? The longer I let it go, the more awkward it became. Method #1 I'VE TRIED IT! It didn't work. I think Wet Head had to run out of the room after a crying kid or something. DANGIT! Can I try it again? But everyone knows Wet Head! I should just ask someone her name, but I'm afraid they will say, "How can you not know her name? Haven't you known her for years?" That makes me a jerk. I'm just going to call her Jessica.

  6. I love this video! Hysterical!

  7. i laughed so hard that the girl sitting across from me at work finally interrupted my viewing to ask what was so funny.

    that's true success, summer, when your blog inspires laugh envy. congrats.


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