Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Throw a Theme-Party

If there's anything I know anything about, it's distopian literature relationships theme parties! Themed parties are better than non-themed parties because costumes are a non-liquid form of courage that allow people to be better version of themselves be more fun than they ever are in real life

I was 25 and not a student when I had great success with "Back to School Bash". Present at the party was a nursing student, "teen-mom", janitor, gym teacher, and mathletes-champion circa 1992. A grey background set the stage for a medley of now-20-somethings reenacting their worst-ever school photos.

Another success was "General Hospital". Present at this soiree was a rich young thing dripping in jewels waiting for her elderly husband to die, a couple with one half dressed as a "general" and the other a "hospital", a doctor without borders, and these:

Take a cue from the examples above. The best themes are:
  • Open to interpretation 
  • Require minimum cost for those who don't wish to go all out or drop money on something they'll never wear again. 
  • Have real-life invitations (ok, facebook if you must) sent out a month in advance to give people plenty of time to plan.
  • Have genuine follow-through.
    • Heck yes, we had chicken nuggets and french toast sticks at the back-to-school party and wine out of beakers at the general hospital one.

    Looking for a Creative Theme? Try one of these:

    When we're our parents
    Open to interpretation, one attendee might choose to dress as a carbon copy of their mother or father; another might interpret this as a futuristic/ distopian-theme.

    Dream Job
    What if you could be anything (wait there's more...) in any era?

    Well, where else am I going to wear it?
    The perfect solution for your prom or wedding dress or that pair of chaps you bought "as a joke".

    You can thank me by directing your pleased party-guests to Hobo Siren. Photos, pleeeease!


    1. That gym teacher. Oh man. He was so offended when we didn't know what he was portraying right away...such a good outfit.

      I can't for the life of me remember who was the team mom.

      Also, WHY didn't you mention your costume for "General Hospital." IT WAS SO GOOD. You finally got some use out of those Depends you bought at a garage sale.

    2. Ha, I obviously meant teen mom. Oops.

    3. I had to quick throw that "meth addict" costume together last minute because driving over my running shirt several times with the car didn't give me the tire mark I wanted for "runner hit by car".

      I know I have a photo somewhere of Summer's "In-Continent" costume...

    4. So... you should really post all of those school photos.


    Your comments are why I get out of bed in the morning. Just kidding. But I do like them.