Monday, December 5, 2011

Ch- ch- ch- ch- Changes

How quickly things change, right?

For example:

Tomorrow, Kady and I are sleeping in.
  • until 7am
There are Havalinas in my front yard and squaring off with me on late-night runs.

Don't tell Kady I've been throwing my apple cores in our front yard

"They will charge you... they will charge your dog."   -Neighbors

Ashton and Demi divorce!?

All sorts of new language and lingo happening in my life:
  • "Button up"
    • In our new-found line of work, this mean "finish completely" 
    • It was a little bit charming the first few times I heard it used
  • "We're really cooking
    • This means, "We're moving at an impressively speedy rate" and has nothing to do with cooking at all
    • What are we? 90?
Every day is a struggle for these misfit vagrants to find their place in the world.

We don't fit in here:

We don't really fit in here:

This project is dwindling down. Yesterday while driving around in our rented SUV, Kady turned to me and said, "The Summer & Kady show (sometimes that's what we call our friendship?) only has eight days left."
My face contorted involuntarily .

You know what that means. Say goodbye to these:

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