Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pygmy Feat

I am close enough to 66 inches tall to round up, which is just above average according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention who states that the average American woman is 63.8 inches tall. But man I have short friends.
Look at this picture of me sort of hunching, surrounded by all these midgets.

The woman to the far left wears the same size shoe as me. All of the others wear a size or half size bigger.
There are pros and cons to having small feet.

The Pros:

  • more sale shoe options
  • discount on display model when it's the only one left
  • uhm, blog fodder?

The Cons:

Sometimes I think it looks like I'm going to fall over

No less than six times a year, a COMPLETE STRANGER will comment on the smallness of  my feet. It happens in elevators. It happens waiting in line for bathrooms. Please recognize how weird this is. What is the appropriate response?

"Why, how observant..." ?
"Wait, are you a spy? I swear I'm not a Communist" ?
"Thank you?" ?

Those are all valid options. But I prefer this tried and true response:

"No, they're normal; the rest of me is just really gigantic."


  1. you know what they say about girls with small feet!
    i have no idea what they say about that actually

  2. girls with big hands can't clean a dirty coffee mug but if that same girl has small feet she can use those feet to clean a coffee mug with a bit of training


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