Friday, September 2, 2011

Kady-isms: Volume 2

"How many Summer-isms posts is too many?"

"Mmmm (… sniff…) my fingers still smell like barbeque sauce." (Four hours after her brisket sandwich)

"I don’t like guys who 'almost made it'; it’s almost like, you know, I could throw this football over that mountain."

"I would DATE him! But I would hate him because he's a loser (commenting on a guy on a reality show)."

"Whenever I find anything weird in the house, I think to myself- 'that's right; Summer's an insomniac.'"


  1. Thanks for making it possible for me to comment on your blog! You have no idea how much pressure I feel now to be witty so forgive me if I make numerous obnoxious and unfunny comments. Jacqui-your friendly Texas stalker

  2. Welcome I love you please never stop stalking me.

  3. If stalking you is wrong, I don't want to be right!

  4. That ten foot door falling on me makes me look skinny.


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