Monday, September 5, 2011

Biological Clonk

I think my mom is a wise enough woman to have figured out that her prodigy will not be procreating. 

She's never made any of us feel guilty for this and I suppose that's a good thing since she has two unmarried children in their mid twenties, an unmarried in the last year of her second decade and an early-thirty just a year and a half into his first marriage.

That first marriage comment is a joke.

So I'm pretty sure all the love a woman has miraculously saved up to bestow upon her grandchildren after ruining her life raising her own children, my mother is using in full right now on a 3.6 pound bundle of joy.

For your viewing pleasure, photos my mother sends me, my siblings and their significant others while sitting for my small one:

This one came with the caption: "Check out your local college bookstore for
BAGGALLINI BACKPACKS... You can tote so much more than textbooks.
AND take your special friends with you!" So basically she sneaked Edie
into a college bookstore bathroom stall with her then hung her on a hook.
Yes, she's inside of Wendy's
Yes, she's sitting in a highchair. Yes, I'm pretty sure all of this is against the rules
Edie with her doppelganger statuette in my Mom's laundry room/ gym

Looking a little uncomfortable about it

It's best if you imagine this regal portrait as one of those weird double-exposure
graduation photos


  1. Does your mom have a voice that she uses only for Edie?

  2. Oh man, so good. She sent me these photos too, but I'm also practically married to your family.

  3. Oh, I guess I meant "our respective significant others"

  4. Tell your mom I will trade my 11 and 5 year old for Edie.

  5. these photos of edie always make my day. I guess you could say I'm a pretty proud aunt.


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