Thursday, August 25, 2011


We got on the road somewhere around 3 pm. At 128 miles, I said, "How have we only been driving 128 miles?"
I decided we should commemorate every 100 miles. Something big, I thought. Something really special.
And then we drew a blank for 422 miles.

The next day, at mile 550, I took this impromptu shot:
So behold... finally... our one-hundred-mile-marker tributes:

600 miles... Feeling pretty good (only 100 miles in on day2 and yes, I put lipstick on):

700 Miles (...holdin' up just fine):

800 Miles (...did I mention I don't have A/C in my car? That's a spray-bottle in my hand):

900 Miles (...I think we had to take twelve shots for it to not look un-post-ably disgusting):

1,000 Miles:

In the mid 90s with no A/C:

We had lost interest by miles 1100, 1200, and 1300. Or maybe we just looked that bad.

I think the most entertaining diversion we took upon ourselves was four hours of "would you rather?"

  • Ashley would rather have alopecia than a port wine birthmark on her face and I think I agree because I would wear cool wigs.
  • We would both rather fly than be invisible because only perverts want to be invisible and I don't ever want to hear anything someone wouldn't say to my face.
  • I would rather live in the middle-of-nowhere, New Mexico than middle-of-nowhere, Iowa because that's the right answer.
  • Ashley would rather have free rent forever than free airfare for the rest of her life and I can't make up my mind.
  • We would both rather have gigantically enormous fat arms than gigantically enormous fat legs because I think the arm-surgery would be cheaper and I would wrap them in ace bandages and wear kimono sleeves.

You get the idea.

Also, we are here safe. More to come.


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