Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confessions by Numbers: The Past 3 Weeks

Number of times I pretended to be on my cell phone: 4

Number of those times in order to avoid talking to someone: 3

... in order to look busy and potentially popular: 1

Number of times I gave a classmate a fake project to work on because I was bitter I had to be there working but didn't trust him/her to do anything real: 1

Number of times I did something rather ridiculous just to see if I could get away with it: 1

Number of times I asked for a refund or reduced bill because of dissatisfaction: 1

Number of bland and/or gross tomato-based seafood dishes I glumly consumed: 2


  1. I wanted to like that stupid Red Stag meal. The cake was good but the shrimp in that entree was awful.

    Did you pretend to be on the phone last night??

  2. The meal was no good. It felt like it was made from leftovers. Where was the sausage by the way? I didn't fake-phone last night but I did when I got my coldpress at Common Roots and those people were standing outside again.


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