Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sometimes, I stay up too late. Sometimes I get up at six in the morning and work all day and then come home and work on school work and have a couple gin and tonics and get a little delirious and while I'm working my mind is racing with other ideas that I don't want to forget so I start making note of them and wake up the next day to find documentation of ideas that were no doubt BRILLIANT the night before.

Behold, the word document I found on my screen this morning:

Mail version of your biography?
Corn- popcorn
Why I should be the next bachelorette
Red head
Reasons why not to run the marathon
Love is quantifiable


  1. I wish that said "male version of your biography" instead, but I'm still intrigued.

    Did you know that they're popping sorghum and eating it like it's popcorn? We have to try this.

  2. It's supposed to say "male"... but I spelled it "mail"... I just copy and pasted it.

  3. Well, moving to new Orleans to get out of running the marathon is a bit dramatic :)

  4. If you need me to be the Tanya Harding to your Nancy Kerrigan to get out of running a marathon, I could be convinced.

  5. Jacqui you're killing me with your comments. I can't click a button that says I "like" them. I have to type something. So much work. Bleck.


Your comments are why I get out of bed in the morning. Just kidding. But I do like them.